Is your Visual Color Inspection area in the wrong place?
Move your color inspection station where it will be more useful:

Manufactures of color critical components such as appliance parts, automotive interiors, clothing and pigments desire flexibility for their visual color control inspection area.

Spartan Controls offers a solution

Spartan Controls manufactures the Spartan Portable LightRoom designed for use with the X-Rite (Macbeth) Spectralight®, Datacolor®,ColorMatcher,& GTI GLE-M Overhead Luminaires. Your new Portable LightRoom can be used without turning off production, office or lab lights. View slide show to the right.

The Spartan Portable LightRooms are available for both the single and dual X-Rite (Macbeth) Spectralight®, Datacolor® ColorMatcher, & GTI GLE-M Overhead Luminaires. The frame is constructed out of heavy aluminum tubing and on heavy duty rollers for easy portability on the production floor. Each Portable LightRoom is equipped with mounting hardware for the luminaires of your choice and a viewing perch. The viewing perched is covered with the N7 Gray foam padding. Luminaires are set 30 inches above the viewing bench/perch. The viewing perch is set at a 30 degree angle to the observer per the ASTM specification for visual color determination.

Informtion on manufactures of Color Inspection Luminaires can be found at these websites:
X-Rite SpectraLight QC BYK BYK Instruments GTI Graphic Technology GTI Overhead Luminaires Datacolor Datacolor ColorMatcher Overhead Luminaire

The Spartan LightCurtain is used with the X-Rite (Macbeth) Spectralight® Light Booth. The assembly mounts directly over the X-Rite (Macbeth) Spectralight® Viewing Booth using the mounting bosses in the light fixture. Its top portion is designed to permit ventilation and access to power connections. The curtain fabric attaches to a 48" x 48" slide back aluminum frame which allows the curtain to be pushed up against the front of the booth when not in use. This saves space and aids in keeping dust out of the booth.

The Spartan LightCurtain and the Spartan Portable LightRooms allow the color quality control technicians to do accurate color comparisons in the lab or on the product floor without dimming surrounding lights. The Portable light rooms substantially reduce the cost of building a permanent color quality control room on the production floor and offer flexibility when changes occur to the manufacturing floor layout.

Spartan Portable LightRoom
Spartan Portable LightRoom
Spartan LightCurtain
Spartan LightCurtain

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Excerpt from ASTM Standards Luminaire installation instructions:

X-Rite (Macbeth) Spectralight®, Datacolor® ColorMatcher,GTI GLE-M Luminaires are designed for critical color evaluation and therefore it is important that precautions be taken to ensure the best environment for this purpose.

Viewing booth installations provide an area which is manufactured in conformance with ASTM standards. The work surface and surround area of view are neutral in color and low in gloss. The opening of the booth should face an area that provides the least interference from ambient light (natural or artificial).

Overhead luminaire installations require the user to develop a controlled viewing environment. Contamination from other light sources can minimize the effectiveness of a standardized source, so the evaluation area should always be shielded from ambient light (natural or artificial). The best location for an overhead luminaire is in a windowless room with no interference from other light sources. If these conditions are not available, light-tight curtains should be selected, a viewing booth should be constructed, or an enclosing curtain should be used ... It is typically recommended that Munsell N7 is used.